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Butcher category page headerABOUT OUR MEATS AND POULTRY

Our range or meats and poultry are the cleanest product it is possible to access and are all direct from a handful of cottage growers who practise organic and holistic farming methods.  These methods include certified organic, permaculture and biodynamic and sustainable farming with no forced growth or interference with natural cycles of the animals or environments. With our beef, pork and lamb, we take whole animals and then process them into all the regular cuts and the value-add products such as sausages, hams, salamis etc. All the breaking down and packaging is done by hand on the farm at Boss Meats 100% solar powered facility run by father and son (qualified butchers) and other part time helpers as required.

Find our why our cottage-farmed poultry is so sought after by our customers here. And, if you want authentic fresh seafoods direct from the trawler-owner fishermen, then find our more about our ocean, wild-caught seafood.



Chicken Poultry Clipart

both Certified organic and True Free Range holistic and ethically farmed


Turckey Clipart

 Certified Organic free range


Beef cow clipart

Certified Organic grass fed


Lamb Clipart

Certified Organic true pastured


Pork Pig Clipart

 both Certified Organic and true free range  (all our pork products are amonium nitrate and artificial preservative-free)


Smallgoods Clipart

all made from our animals; all grain-free, gluten free, amonium nitrate-free, no preservatives or artificial inputs


Seafood Trawler Clipart

direct from trawler; authentic ocean wild-caught 100% Australian


All of our meat and poultry categories are available in certified organic. We also offer pork and poultry in authentic free range i.e. pasture-raised using verifiable holistic and organic methods. It is our policy to clearly identify our products on the labels and on the descriptions. You can be assured that ALL OUR MEATS AND POULTRY, certified organic or ethical, are free from GMO, chemicals or mass farming methods, or synthetic grains, or other synthetic inputs or forced growth methods. Our suppliers are associated with various certified organic and other certifying bodies such as Humane Choice and Qld Free Range.

Check out more about our suppliers here. Meats packaging and weights variation information.

We know our farmers and producers - some only raise very small numbers of animals. Here is why we say our meat and poultry are as pure as possible:


  • no mass faring methods
  • no pesticides or chemical residues are on any pastures where animals are raised
  • no hormones, steroids or growth promotants
  • no GMO
  • no antibiotics either in the feed or administered to the animals
  • true free-range, grass fed and pastured in stress-free environments
  • free of artificial preservatives and additives
  • all meats and associated products are gluten free


Here is the reason why we believe we offer the freshest chicken meat available:

  • Our poultry meats are hand-processed literally less than 24 hours before they are in our store
  • They are either packaged for fresh cold delivery or for frozen (fresh)
  • We either pick them up twice per week ourselves from the farm or the farm delivers to us directly
  • The growers are cottage and for example one of them kills only 800-1,000 chickens per week by hand (other small organic growers do 30,000 and Inghams do around 1.5mil)
  • The chickens have access to forage for natural grasses, insects, and are out in full sun
  • The chickens are supplimented with custom organic feeds that contain no GMO or any artificial inputs or meat by-products

The chickens are not fed synthetic methionine but are receiving these inputs from non-synthetic sources such as organic sprouted barely

Eating fresh hand-processed certified organic and authentic free-range and holistically farmed chicken meat is an enhanced flavour experience with wonderful nourishment value not possible with mass farming. That's why we drive over dill an dale seeking cottage farmers, not mass farmers!


Our bacon and value add products contain only natural salt preservatives, herbs, and no non-naturally occuring or artificial nitrates/nitrites. The bacon and hams are pickled for 12 days in Pacific Ocean salt and naturally mined Pink Rock Salt. The products are then cured-smoked for one day. The flavour is amazing!


These days to eat real, fresh, Australian ocean-wild caught seafood is not the norm as most products are imported from overseas and contain many preservatives. The great news is we deal direct with the guys who own the trawlers and do the fishing! All our seafoods are ocean wild-caught and sustainably fished off the east coast of Queensland, most of it off Mooloolaba.

Soulfish own the boats and do the fishing! They bring their wild-caught catch back to Mooloolooba and then deliver it to us or we go and pick it up direct. Most of the catch is frozen fresh at sea. No preservatives or any artificial inputs are added - just blast frozen immediately. At times fresh unfrozen is available depending on the timing of the return of the trawlers. Fishing is seasonal, so fish varieties can vary.



All our cottage produced meat and poultry products are approximate weights only. The weights of products vary and can't be accurately calculated until your order is packed. For example, a size 15 chicken (1.5KG) could weigh 1.57KG or a 500g tray of beef mince could weigh 620g or 480g. In these cases we may contact you to request an additional payment or we may apply a refund with your order or credit towards your next order, whichever the case may be.